Reusable Drinking Straws vs Single-Use Straws

drinking straws

Plastic drinking straws come with most beverages sold in restaurants, pubs, bars, and coffee shops, but they are also widely used in homes, workplaces, and parties. Typically disposed of into …

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Palm Leaf Plates – Pros and Cons

Palm Leaf Plates

Disposable plates and cutlery are convenient for outdoor events and social occasions where there are no running water or dish-cleaning facilities. Single-use tableware can save time and eliminate the hassle …

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How Does Bamboo Flatware Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Organic bamboo disposable cutlery vs plastic ones

Plastic accumulation in landfills has negative impacts on the environment. Plastic is resistant to decomposition and can pollute lands, groundwater, and oceans, posing a great threat to marine life. Reducing …

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