Is Olive Wood Good for Cutting Boards?

Olive wood is made from olive trees that produce olive fruits and grow naturally in the Mediterranean region. The olive tree is very long-lived, but one day it stops bearing fruit. Then the tree can be used to make unique and beautiful kitchen tools. The grain of olive wood is irregular and unique, and no … Read more

Is Acacia Wood Good for Cutting Boards?

There are about 1300 acacia trees or shrubs native to regions of Australia, Africa, and America. Acacia is a hardwood used primarily for flooring, furniture, and kitchen accessories. Acacia is a widespread and fast-growing tree, making it an easily renewable material. Acacia is a popular material for making cutting boards due to its durability, moisture … Read more

Is Maple Good for Cutting Boards? Maple Cutting Board vs. Walnut

The light and finely-grained maple wood is easy to recognize. Maple is native to the United States and Canada, but some species are also found in Europe. Hard maple or sugar maple is the wood most commonly used for manufacturing cutting boards. Is Maple Wood Good for Cutting Boards? The maple cutting board is by … Read more

Are Bamboo Cutting Boards Bad for Kitchen Knives?

Bamboo chopping boards have become very popular recently. This is due to their modern, natural look and affordable price. In addition, bamboo is a sustainable material that meets the expectations of environmentally conscious customers. However, before purchasing, it is important to be aware of the negative aspects of bamboo cutting boards. These boards are not … Read more

5 Cutting Boards that Can Damage Your Knives

A kitchen knife is an essential kitchen tool. This is just as important for an avid cook as it is for someone preparing food at home. With a sharp knife, you can quickly chop vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, bread, and other things. Well-sharpened knives take the burden off your shoulders. A chef’s knife allows you … Read more

Care and Maintenance of Black Walnut Cutting Boards

The Black Walnut tree is one of the finest and most beautiful trees native to North America. Thanks to its attractive color and moderate density, Black Walnut is very popular among American furniture makers. This dark, fine-grained wood is used to make aesthetically pleasing and highly durable furniture, interior paneling, and flooring. Walnut Cutting Boards … Read more

Cleaning and Care of Bamboo Cutting Boards

Bamboo cutting boards are stronger and more resistant to damage than wooden ones. Bamboo utensils are also considered safer and more hygienic than those made of wood because bamboo does not absorb liquids as easily and has mild natural antimicrobial properties. To extend the life of your bamboo board and keep it looking new, follow … Read more

What are the Pros and Cons of Silicone Cutting Boards?

A cutting board is an incredibly useful tool in any cook’s arsenal. Cutting boards provide a safe and clean place to cut meat and vegetables when preparing meals. Every kitchen has at least one, and it’s not uncommon to use multiple boards for different types of food. Since cutting boards are used daily, the right … Read more

Is Bamboo Good for Cutting Boards?

Every chef needs a great cutting board. A durable cutting board is the cornerstone of all kitchen prep work. And without this prep work, we can’t enjoy all the delicious, fragrant meals that make our mouths water. So it’s no wonder that anyone who is passionate about cooking (professionally or as a home cook) is … Read more