Is Chipped Enamel Cookware Safe for Cooking?

What Is Enameled Cookware Made of? Enamel cookware is popular because of its beautiful appearance and easy cleaning. Additionally, enameled cookware is an ideal choice for people looking for non-reactive cooking vessels for their kitchen. Enamelware is made by fusing a layer of glass with metal at very high temperatures to create a smooth, non-porous … Read more

Use and Care of Enamel-on-Steel Cookware

Enameled steel cookware has become popular due to the ideal combination of beauty and functionality. This cookware is constructed with carbon steel or stainless-steel core and coated with enamel. During the manufacturing process, a thin layer of glass is applied to the metal under high heat to protect it from rust. Enamel on steel is … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Modern Graniteware Roasters

What Is Graniteware Cookware Made Of? Graniteware is a type of enamelware and also a brand name. “Graniteware” is a term widely used in the enamelware collecting community that refers to enamelware produced from the 1870s through the end of World War II. The older graniteware pieces were made of tin or iron. They had … Read more

Benefits of Using Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

While traditional cast iron cookware is an essential part of every kitchen, many chefs and cooks prefer the enameled version. Enamel-coated cast iron is much easier to clean and it doesn’t require seasoning. The inner coating has light non-stick properties and prevents iron from getting into your food. These cookware pieces are available in various … Read more

Affordable vs. Expensive Enameled Cast Iron Pans

Enameled cast iron is one of the most popular materials for pans used for everyday cooking and baking. After ditching potentially toxic Teflon and aluminum cookware, people have turned to healthier alternatives like enameled cast iron. The enamel coating on the cast iron structure is created when the porcelain glaze is bonded to the iron … Read more