Granite Fry Pans with Durable Non-Stick Coating

Granite Pan

The term „granite pan“ is usually associated with frying pans that have a granite-like coating. This granite look of the interior comes either from the granite/stone particles or from other …

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How to Take Care of a Pizza Stone

pizza on the stone

The recommended cleaning method for a pizza stone depends on the material your stone is made out of. The directions for cleaning also differ for glazed and unglazed stones. Unglazed …

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Using Stoneware for Baking

Stoneware is a type of clay that has been fired at a very high temperature to produce sturdy, safe, and chip-resistant materials. The approximate temperature used for firing stoneware is …

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The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri

 Why Is the Ozeri Pan Worth Considering? The Main Features Of Ozeri Pan 1. Safety: The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri delivers non-stick performance while remaining free of PFOA and …

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