How to Make Crispy Indian Samosa

Wondering what to serve with spiced tea (masala chai) in the evening? Crispy and scrumptious samosa is the ultimate appetizer to serve with a cup of tea. Those who have had the opportunity to try samosa would agree that the craving for this classic Indian snacking delicacy never fades away. Today samosa is available in … Read more

Rice Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding): Ingredients, Recipe & Tips

Rice kheer is one of the best mouthwatering traditional desserts in Indian cuisine. Also called payasam or Indian rice pudding, it is offered to almost all deities of the Hindu religion. With the rich, creamy texture, irresistible taste, mesmerizing flavors, and lots of dry fruits and nuts, a bowl full of rice kheer offers all … Read more

Flavorful Vegan Cabbage Soup

What Is Great About This Meal? Cabbage vegan soup is a splendid dish if you’re looking for a succulent, vitamin-rich meal. It’s incredibly easy to make, packs a lot of fiber, and you won’t have to worry about those pesky calories while you eat it. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any animal products — it’s a … Read more

Steamed Broccoli with Mushrooms

Broccoli is full of nutrition. When you eat broccoli, it makes you fit and is a great source of fiber. 1 cup of raw broccoli has 2.3 grams of fiber which is equal to about 10 % of your daily need. This green vegetable also contains protein. One cup of broccoli contains about 3 grams … Read more

Pressure Cooker Brown Rice – My Way

Purchasing Brown Rice Purchase beautiful whole-grain rice with as little waste (straw, broken, and damaged grains) as possible, so cleaning will be easy. Choose a rise with slightly rounded grains. Such rice when cooked will be soft and crispy at the same time, while the grains with a more oblong shape could taste a bit … Read more

The Best Grill Basket for Vegetables

Do you struggle to fit veggies, mushrooms, shrimps, seafood, and other small-size chunks on the grill? Are you tired of dealing with skewers and awkward aluminum wraps? Can you forget about those inconvenient tools and lose your precious pieces of food through the grill grates? There is a simple way to attain delicious and crispy … Read more