Best Cookware for Small Kitchen

One of the most common problems of a small kitchen is limited storage space for your cookware. Pots and pans can be difficult to store as they require a lot of space in a kitchen cabinet — but it is possible with some creative design ideas. These can resolve the storage problem and make your kitchen more functional. Another way to minimize problems with insufficient storage space is by making the right choice of cookware utensils. 

Before investing in new cookware, you should keep in mind the amount of space you have. If your kitchen is not large or you don’t have extra storage space, consider buying space-saving cookware. This cookware is designed to take up very little space when stored to accommodate small counters and cabinets.

Space Saving Cookware

1. Stackable Pots and Pans

Stackable cookware is designed to nest when stored, saving up to 55% more cabinet space compared with traditional cookware sets. Instead of being awkwardly stacked, pots and pans nest beautifully to condense the mess in your cupboards.

Five nested pans

If you stack your cookware for storage, it is a good idea to use pan dividers to keep your pots and pans in good condition. These separate nested pots and pans protect the inside surface against scratches and scrapes. You just need to place pan dividers in between your cookware pieces to separate them during storage or transport.

2. The Neat Nest Space-Saving System and Interlocking Handles

The Neat Nest System is a storage method that protects nonstick pan surfaces from scratching. Pots with different diameters are nested together by utilizing interlocking handles, which securely lock nested pans together to minimize surface contact. This way, cookware pieces “float” rather than touch the inside of the next.  The lack of movement results in fewer opportunities to damage and scratch cookware surfaces. (Farberware Neat Nest Space-Saving 10 Piece Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Set, Farberware 22245 Neat Nest Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 13 Piece).

3. Pans with Removable Handles

By removing a pan’s handle, you can save a lot of space in your cupboards. You can nest pots and pans together while storing handles in a drawer until you need them. The removable handle also makes cleaning pans in a small sink easier.

A pan with a detachable handle is convenient for placing in the oven to finish a meal. The handle usually cannot withstand high temperatures; after removing it, the pan can be exposed to higher oven temperatures.

4. Pan Handles with Holes

Pots with looped handles and with a handle that has a hole can be hung for storage, thus saving a lot of cabinet space. Handles with holes allow for storing pots and pans on a wall- or ceiling-mounted pot rack. Hanging pots and pans can save cabinet space while keeping your favorite cookware items easily accessible.

5. Space-Saving Lids

Cookware lids are bulky and difficult to store as they slide off each other when stacked. Storing lids on top of the pans takes up a lot of space and can trap moisture inside the pots.

Flat lids are stackable and take up less room than the standard rounded ones. Flat lids with handles on the side are very efficient space-savers. (Calphalon Premier Hard Anodized Nonstick Space Saving cookware set 11-Piece).

The lids with a looped handle have more options for storage. They can be hung, while lids with nobs need to be placed in a drawer or require a special lid rack.

6. Multi-sized lids

The universal lids are designed to fit cookware with different diameters. The underside of these versatile lids has several ridges to fit a variety of pot sizes. If you have a multi-sized lid, you don’t have to buy lids for each of your pots and pans. This helps reduce clutter and free up your cabinet space. You also will be able to find the “right” lid easily. (Cleverona Clever Lid – Universal Pan Lid, Universal Silicone Glass Lid Covers for Pots and Pans by Teeo).

7. Multi-Functional Cookware

Stove-to-oven cookware allows you to start your meal on the stovetop and finish it in the oven. Possible limiting factors for use in the oven are insulated handles, nonstick coating, and plastic lid knobs. Cookware with metal handles can withstand higher heat, but make sure to use oven gloves or silicone handle covers when you take the pan from the stove or take it out of the oven. Cookware that can go straight from stove to oven makes it possible to accommodate your cooking needs while using fewer cookware items.

Cookware Sets vs Individual Cookware Items

Buying sets of cookware increases the possibility to store all pieces neatly. Buying individual pots and pans generally results in less convenient storage.

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