Silicone Handle Covers for Pans: How to Use Them?

When removing a hot pan from the stove or taking it out of the oven, you can accidentally burn your hands. This is particularly related to bare cast iron pans that can remain hot long after it is removed from the heat source. To protect your hands from hot pan handles you can often use potholders, oven mitts, or towels.

A silicone handle cover is an innovative and useful kitchen accessory when handling hot pans on the stovetop, or transferring a hot skillet to the oven to finish the meal. Some people have found this new insulating kitchen accessory to be safer and more convenient than traditional heat-protective tools.

cast iron pan with a silicone handle cover

Benefits of Silicone Handle Covers

  1. The significant advantage of having a removable handle cover as opposed to a fixed insulated handle is that you can put your cookware in a hot oven (after you have taken the cover off) without worrying about damaging the handle.
  2. A hot handle holder makes the handling of your pans safer when you are cooking on a stovetop. You can comfortably hold the skillet to empty the food into a serving dish. You can also leave the cover on while you are cooking some faster meals on the stovetop, such as frying eggs.
  3. A permanent protective handle cover may be ruined if exposed to high heat in the oven. A silicone holder enables you to use cookware with a bare metal handle in the oven. You can use the holder to transfer the hot pan from the stovetop to the oven and then take it off. You will again use the holder when taking the pan out of the oven.
  4. A rubber holder is dishwasher-safe and easier to maintain than conventional handle holders or kitchen towels. Also, it can be easily cleaned by hand, but, make sure that you remove it from the pan before washing as the water can cause the handle to rust.
  5. Silicone handle covers are available in a range of different colors and will retain their new appearance after multiple uses and washes.
  6. One silicone handle cover can be used on multiple skillets.


  1. The thinner handle covers don’t provide sufficient protection from the heat if your pan is very hot or you grab the handle using a strong grip. If you do hold a very hot skillet for a long time, you will also need to use additional protection. On the other hand, the thicker covers can be heavy, and the pan may tip over.
  2. If it is not the right size or doesn’t fit, it may be difficult to slide the holder onto a skillet handle and remove it. The handle may also slip around when you pick up the skillet.
  3. They are equally or less convenient for use in the oven than conventional heat-protective accessories. You can’t leave the handle cover on when you put your skillet in the oven as the cover will become very hot.

How to Use Silicone Handle Covers on the Stove

Silicone handle covers are intended primarily for stovetop cooking. If the handle cover is not exposed to heat from the stove, it can remain there while you are cooking. Make sure that you do not use a strong grip, or hold it for a long time. This is because the cover absorbs the handle’s heat if it stays on during cooking.

For the longer cooking processes, silicone handle covers should be used like regular potholders. Put on the handle cover only when you must and remove the skillets from the heat. Then remove the cover immediately as the handle of a cast-iron pan can become very hot, transferring the heat to the cover.

Can Silicone Handle Covers Go In the Oven?

Leaving the handle cover on while cooking in the oven is not recommended. Silicone can withstand oven temperatures up to 450 degrees. However, if left in the oven the holder would also become too hot, so you have to use regular oven mitts to remove the pan from the oven.

The handle cover works well when you are trying to remove a cast-iron skillet from the oven. It will be cool enough for a few seconds while you place the skillet on a rack. If you leave the cover on after removing the pan from the oven, the cover can absorb the heat from the handle, so you’ll need to use kitchen gloves or a towel to grab the handle with a cover on.

Can You Use Pan Handle Covers Over Direct Heat?

A silicone handle cover is not intended to be used directly with flame, as it will get very hot to the touch. To protect your hands from getting burned, remove the cover once you have placed your pan in or over direct heat, and then slip it back on when moving the cookware from the heat.

Do Pan Handle Covers Work On a Grill?

It is advisable to take the cover off after placing a skillet on the grill. If you leave the cover on when the handle is all over the heat source, the silicone holder will also absorb the heat from below. It can get pretty hot, thereby defeating its intended purpose.

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Silicone Handle Cover

The Verdict

A silicone handle cover is most useful when used for cooking on the stovetop. It is not recommended to use it over an open flame. You may find a silicone hot handle holder useful when you need to put hot cookware in and out of the oven, but for cooking in the oven, it is no more convenient than the traditional heat-protective kitchen accessories.

Silicone hot handle holders work best for cast iron pans because these pans tend to absorb and retain heat. These pans are also heavy and will stay stable after you have put the cover on the handle. If you use a silicone cover for handling your cast iron skillets, then there is a good chance it will meet your needs. For smaller pans made of lightweight materials, a traditional hot handle holder might be a better choice.

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