Best Storage Options for Your Cooking Utensils

A cooking utensil holder is an essential piece for any kitchen. It adds functionality to your kitchen more than any other tool or gadget. A kitchen with unorganized cooking utensils can look messy and you may spend a lot of your precious time trying to find the tool you need.

Using utensil holders helps organize and keep close at hand a wide array of cooking utensils. By getting your utensils in order, you would be saving a lot of counter space and spending less time cooking because everything you need for preparing your meals is easily accessible.

Utensils that you use for daily cooking should be within arm’s reach and easy to see, so you can grab them without searching during busy cooking times. To keep your frequently used tools handy there are a variety of utensil crocks and utensil stands. The tools that are used less frequently can be stored in your kitchen drawers.

Kitchen utensils

1. Utensil Crocks

The kitchen utensil crock is perfect for storing your most frequently used utensils. It will keep your cooking tools readily available in front of you. You don’t have to dig through your drawer to find what you want.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing your countertop utensils crock:

  • Size: A countertop utensil holder should be roomy enough to hold a good amount of stuff and still have plenty of room to differentiate and easily access what you need. Otherwise, it would be a struggle to store utensils in or pull them out of the overcrowded holder.
  • Height: The high height will help handle the longer tools, keeping them from leaning and falling out. Your utensil crock should be rather tall, but not too tall. Otherwise, you will have to look inside the crock to find the utensil you want.
  • Weight: The base should be wide and heavy enough that you can load it up with cooking tools without fear of tipping over. A large and heavy container is not likely to tip over when you reach for a utensil. Utensil holders that have a narrow bottom would easily tip over. The weighted bottom helps keep the holder stable.
  • Shape: Oval shape will keep utensils more upright. The elliptical shape is suitable for narrow areas.
  • Opening: The opening should be wide enough to hold all the items you need to keep handy.
  • Appearance: In addition to being functional, the utensil holder should look nice on your countertop. It should blend well in your kitchen décor.
  • Rotating base: Rotating canisters make it easier to access your utensils. Being able to spin the holder makes it much simpler to find the right utensil instead of searching through a stationary one.
  • Storage compartments: The inner sections make it easier to distribute the weight evenly and separate utensils, keeping them from slipping around. If you take out one tool, you won’t bring all the others out with it. Having a section for shorter utensils keeps small items from getting lost among taller ones.
  • Removable riser: A removable insert elevates one section to accommodate smaller utensils. You can keep the insert in or you can remove it to make room for your oversized utensils.
  • Non-slip base: The rubber base is a convenient feature as it keeps the holder in place.

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2. Stainless Steel Utensil Holders

If you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen you might want to invest in a stainless-steel utensil holder. It has a sleek, stylish look that will match the rest of your kitchen. Stainless steel holders are dishwasher-safe and very durable.

Look for a utensil crock made from fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel to add a stylish, clean touch to your kitchen.

3. Ceramic Utensil Crocks

These come in a variety of colors to perfectly match your kitchen decor. A ceramic utensil crock can be a great and colorful addition to your kitchen.

Ceramic utensil crock can hold heavier utensils. The solid weight makes it stable on the countertop and prevents tipping when you put something tall in it.

Some brands of ceramic holders are dishwasher safe, while others require hand washing.

4. Bamboo Utensil Holders

The bamboo utensil holder is an environmentally friendly, sturdy, and stylish piece for any kitchen counter. Bamboo is perfect for the storage of bamboo and wooden tools, giving an elegant touch to your kitchen. It also looks beautiful holding silicone and metal utensils. Bamboo will not scratch your counter. Look for an angled opening that makes accessing the tools easier. Also look for the slip-resistant bottom, which provides some grip, making the holder more stable.

5. Kitchen Utensil Stands

This kitchen utensil organizer can be used for kitchen utensils that have handles with holes, so they can be hung up. They are usually available as a carousel set, but you can find stainless steel or bamboo rotating utensil stands without utensils included. They are suitable for a small kitchen and look nice on the counter.

The user-friendly rotating feature enables you to turn the stand for easy tool selection.

Also, look for a stand with a non-slip base that will stay in place when rotated.

The possible con is that the utensils fall off the stand easily. Removing one item, often makes others fall off, which can be quite annoying.

An advantage of utensils stands over utensil crock is that utensils are stored handle up so you’re grabbing the handle, which is a more hygienic way to pick up cooking utensils.

6. In-Drawer Utensil Holders

An in-drawer organizer is typically a compartmentalized tray that holds different types of utensils. These functional drawer inserts keep your tools neatly stored, so you can reach for the right tool without rummaging through the drawer.

Look for an adjustable drawer insert that allows you to expand the sides to fit various kitchen drawer sizes.

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