9 Features I Like about Pyrex Measuring Cups

Who Needs to Use Measuring Cups?

Cooking and baking require accurate measuring of the ingredients to get the expected results. Measuring tools can greatly simplify food preparation and ensure that everything turns out just as you had planned.

Measuring cups are must-have equipment when you are just getting started in the kitchen. Even expert chefs use measuring cups, particularly for baking where precision is more important. This accessory is also very useful if you are on a diet and need to precisely measure the ingredients.

Pyrex Measuring Cup

What Is So Special about Pyrex Measuring Cups?

Clear glass Pyrex cookware was introduced by Corning Glass Works company in 1915. Your mom had Pyrex glass cups and your grandparents had them. Since those time, the production process of Pyrex glass has been changed and the brand was sold to World Kitchen in 1998. Are new Pyrex glass cups still worth customers’ loyalty? Here are the reasons why I would buy Pyrex measuring cups again:

  1. Space-saving design: The open-end handles allow the cups to nest inside one another taking minimal space when stored. This wouldn’t be achievable with “U” shaped handles. Stackability is a convenient feature if you are limited with cabinet space and looking for space-saving kitchen items.
  2. Thick, solid construction: Pyrex cups are made of quality thick glass that won’t break easily. The heaviness and large base make them very stable and almost impossible to accidentally tip over. Made of clear, heavy glass, they are stylish and beautiful kitchen accessories.
  3. Easy-to-read measurement markings: The red measuring labels are bright and easy to read even for people who might have poor eyesight. Clear glass with distinct, red lines is much easier to use and ensures more precise measuring than translucent plastic measuring cups. The reversed markings outside are very easy to read from the inside. For exact measuring, place the cup on the counter or on a shelf instead of trying to hold it up to your eyes.
  4. Have booth measurement units: The measurements are written in both metric and imperial (American) systems of units, measuring in ounces, cups, and milliliters. This saves you the time needed for converting when you’re following an international recipe.
  5. Safe and hygienic: The glass is inert and won’t react with food, even when heated. Nice to know when you put it in the microwave. Glass is also better for the environment than plastic. Non-porous glass won’t absorb odors, flavors, and colors from foods.
  6. Versatile: Pyrex measuring cups are an incredibly versatile kitchen tool. They work excellent for measuring any liquid but also work perfectly for holding dry ingredients. They also work well as mixing bowls, especially for baking and mixing pancake batter. Pyrex measuring cups are great for heating purposes and can go in the microwave or into a preheated conventional oven. They are handy for melting butter, heating leftover coffee, or boiling water in the microwave.
  7. Great for Microwave cooking: You can use Pyrex cups in the microwave to melt butter or to warm up milk or other liquid ingredients. You can’t use plastic measuring cups for that purpose because of the permanent film that will form on the plastic cups. Since the glass is inert, you can heat the ingredients or food leftovers in the microwave without worrying about any food contamination.
  8. Ergonomic handle: The open-ended handle has smooth edges and is comfortable to hold.  Being large and sturdy it provides a firm grip while you are pouring. “L” shaped handle stays cool to the touch when the cup is filled with hot liquid, keeping your fingers safe from burns. You can easily grasp the handle with an oven mitt when you need to take the cup out of the hot oven.
  9. Easy cleaning: You don’t have to spend much time washing up these cups, and the glass will remain clear after washing. Purex cups are dishwasher safe, but hand washing with mild dish soap and hot water is recommended to avoid fading of the measuring marks. The cups are shallow enough to easily scrape out any sticky ingredient.

The Difference between Modern Pyrex Measuring Cups and Old Pyrex Cups?

The new Pyrex glass is not shatterproof: The original Pyrex glass bakeware was introduced 90 years ago. Old Pyrex was a different chemical composition and was more resistant to thermal shock. It was made from shatterproof borosilicate glass and was pretty much indestructible. The new Pyrex glass items are made with tempered soda-lime glass which has good thermal properties at both high and low temperatures, but it can’t handle temperature shock, as borosilicate glass could.

Make sure to read the instructions. To avoid cracking, do not expose your Pyrex cups to rapid temperature changes. Don’t put them directly on a burner and never put a hot cup on a very cold surface as the glass may explode. For the same reason, don’t take the cup directly from the freezer to the oven or microwave.

The spout is poorly designed: Unfortunately, the company changed the spout design. Unlike those of the past, the spouts are not deep enough, and it is hard to have control over the pour. When you try to pour, the liquid flows around the pour spout down the side of the cup. It’s a challenge to empty the cup without spilling. Pouring the content out very slowly can help to some extent. Pouring over a sink is another way to avoid a mess. Be careful, especially if you use cups for pouring hot liquids.

The markings are not permanent: There are some reports that the red markings started to fade after a few years of use. The markings are more likely to wear off if you wash the cups in the dishwasher. You need to hand wash the cups to preserve the lettering or at least to slow down the fading process.

The improvements in the spout design and longer-lasting markings would be a big plus that could help the company to retain customers in the future.

Still Good Quality!

Old Pyrex you remember from childhood was tough and timeless. The new Pyrex cups are not as durable as the old ones used to be, but they are still very functional, reliable, and easy-to-use products. They are a pleasure to use for measuring liquid ingredients and can be purchased at a very affordable price. Purex measuring cups are much better and safer than plastic ones that are not heat-friendly and would eventually crack.

The set of Pyrex measuring cups would be a great housewarming gift for someone who moved into their new home.

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