Types of Splatter Guards for Cooking

DIY splatter guard

When you are cooking food that splatters cleaning can be a pain. Frying bacon and other grease-spattering food can leave stains and an oily mist over your walls, counters, and …

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9 Features I Like about Pyrex Measuring Cups

Pyrex Measuring Cup

Who Needs to Use Measuring Cups? Cooking and baking require accurate measuring of the ingredients to get the expected results. Measuring tools can greatly simplify food preparation and ensure that …

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What Can You Cook in an Electric Wok?

The electric wok is s portable kitchen gadget, that has a bowl-shaped pan and an electric heating base that goes underneath. The bowl detaches from the base for easy cleaning. …

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Flavorful Vegan Cabbage Soup

flavorful cabbage soup

What Is Great About This Meal? Cabbage vegan soup is a splendid dish if you’re looking for a succulent, vitamin-rich meal. It’s incredibly easy to make, packs a lot of …

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Steamed Broccoli with Mushrooms

steamed broccoli with mushrooms

Broccoli is full of nutrition. When you eat broccoli, it makes you fit and is a great source of fiber. 1 cup of raw broccoli has 2.3 grams of fiber …

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